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I'm Alice - nice to be virtually acquainted.

I have been practising breathwork for over two years now and what a revelation is has been. When I lay down on my mat and enter this sacred space, it is an opportunity for me to listen, learn and feel deeply refreshed. To attend to any emotions filed away in my “body archive”. To grow and expand. To let go of anything that no longer serves me. To feel alive and kicking. And to remember what is important; The Eternal Now!

When I consciously connect my breath, I feel more vibrantly alive than ever before. I am in Presence, entering a timeless space that gives me all the answers I have been searching for. My breath is my Therapist, my morning coffee, my internal workout, my emotional regulator, my sleep & stress tonic and a space for me to fill up my Love Tank (so I can beam it out into the rest of the World!)

I originally came across this incredible tool by attending a breath workshop in Rottingdean many moons ago, where a huge amount of buried grief around my Mother surfaced. I felt a deep energetic cleansing, and on my bicycle ride home, the sea glistened in a way that I hadn't seen before. It was more vibrant, radiant; colours seemed to have more clarity and I dropped deeper into a presence that I had never experienced before.

I love exploring my body in my personal practice! Feeling my diaphragmatic muscles open and snap back, tuning into my intestines digesting food, feeling the blood pumping through the tiniest of veins... it is truly delicious what is available for us to experience, and that's only the physical. Emotionally, I feel more capable than ever before to deal with whatever life throws at me. My intuition has grown and deepened and compassion runs through the very centre of my being. My breath has given me an understanding of how cosmically connected we all are. 


My desire is to share breathwork with as many people as possible around the globe; to empower them to remember that there is so much transformation, unlearning and Love simply dropping into a conscious connected breath. 

It is the most transformational, powerful tool we own. 

And it comes highly recommended! Try my short breathwork meditation here to fully drop into the blissful Present moment.

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